From Fortune 500 corporations to mom and pop small businesses, Snapsportz provides the same groundbreaking technology and services to capture, sort, sell, and share incredible images of people making active memories.



“Our zipline and aerial adventure course are once in a lifetime experiences for our customers, and require equally hi-end photography. We wanted professional quality images that couldn’t be taken by guides or guests using their own cameras and phones.

Snapsportz has given us the right equipment, the right angles, and the right service... and the photo revenue reflects that.”

-Reed Woodyard, GM, Catalina Island Eco Tours

"They pushed the boundaries on innovation and helped us bring physical experiences to the digital masses. The results have gone beyond expectations."

-Erica Hevner, Razorfish, Senior Media Planner



"At Canopy Tours NW, we strive to create a top-notch zipline experience and our photo service is an integral part of that, delivering professional quality images that our guests will love. Snapsportz has proven that not only does quality matter to our customers, but also to our brand as a pictorial representation of our high standards throughout social media."

-Mona Campbell, Canopy Tours NW


“Snapsportz has delivered a premium product, created a buzz for the brand, and bridged the gap between the physical and digital experiences. Snapsportz ability to activate large groups of core action sports participant
in such a unique and effective manner has proved time and time again that their recipe works!”

-Kelsey Turman, BeCore, Nike Events

“Snapsportz was an incredible addition to Brighton’s terrain park last winter.
We were stoked to offer park riders professional quality photos and look forward to having them next season.”

-Jared Winkler, Brighton Resort, Marketing Manager



Actual Snapsportz System Photos from Our Customers.


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"...There's also cameras that take your photo for a nice souvenir! I highly recommend the zipline if you're visiting the island!"

-Kendall B., Los Gatos, California

"...They genuinely love their jobs and made it so enjoyable. Cameras capture your adventure and the price of the photos was reasonable, we purchased every photo of the two of us for only $35. Highly recommend this zip!"

-Mariettarunner, Ohio


"I opted for the photo packaged based on a lot of reviews on here, and let me join the choir in saying "It was worth it!"

...I was loving the view and so many photos throughout the experience, as well as a video that friends and I had an absolute blast looking through!"

-Heatheraweb, Nashville, Tennessee