Snapsportz uses RFID technology, embedded in wearable items, to automatically capture, sort, and distribute incredible images through a variety of local and cloud based services. 

We create once in a lifetime photo opportunities, and completely automate the process.



A removable helmet tag worn by a guests at Santa Catalina Island Eco Tours.

1. RFID tags are embedded into items commonly worn by participants.


2. RFID sensors enable strategically placed cameras and motion triggers to automatically capture and sort action images per customer.


An automated camera captures a sequence of photos for a guest at Santa Catalina Island Eco Tours.


A couple has their portrait taken at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii.

3. Customers may also have their photo taken with handheld smart cameras using the same RFID technology. 



4. Images and RFID information are immediately uploaded for fulfillment. Customers find their images by using their tag number or name.


A customer finds and selects their photos for purchase at Santa Catalina Island Eco Tours.


A customer shares her photos on Facebook immediately after her zipline tour.

5. Images may be sold for direct photo revenue, OR be used for lead generation, digital activation, and social media marketing campaigns.


Our Products


Automated Action Cameras

Our automated action cameras can be used with our RFID sorting technology, or as a stand alone unit with our motion trigger app. Cameras can be placed anywhere you can imagine.


Mobile Handheld Cameras

Handheld mobile device cameras and RFID scanners can be used in conjunction with with automated action cameras, or as a stand alone product. Automatically sort images using the same RFID technology, or with user input. Cost effective and easy.


RFID Image Sorting

RFID tags placed on users allows for the seamless and instant assortment of images for your guests. Pre-packaged photos means no browsing and a quick, easy purchase.


Customer Tablet App

Our free to download app allows your guests to view and purchase their photos by turning any tablet on the market as a powerful viewing and sales kiosk. Add as many tablets as you want to ensure customers can view and order images without any wait.


Green Screen

Add a fun effect for group photos that your customers will love.


Off-Grid Solar

For remote locations where its difficult to provide power, Snapsportz can install custom off-grid solar stations that guarantee 100% equipment uptime.


Motion Trigger

To be used in conjunction with our automated action cameras, our motion trigger provides accurate triggering for long timeframe features. Can be placed anywhere with no tricky wiring or mounting.


Push-Button Selfie Stations

Made for both outdoor and indoor applications, selfie-stations can be placed anywhere. Use with RFID sorting or without. Incredibly popular with guests.


Video Clips

Generate even more revenue by adding our video clip feature to your Snapsportz system, allowing guests to receive multiple clips as part of their photo package. Coming Spring 2018.


Fulfillment Server and Hosting

Fulfill customers orders from a single or as many locations as you want. Fulfillment application can run on any PC, Mac, or tablet enabling orders to be fulfilled anywhere, anytime with a single click for simple ease of use for your cashiers.


Custom Lighting

Using flash photography we can create amazing scenes for your guests.