Snapsportz provides a myriad of solutions for the cruise, water park, and theme park industries.

Already, tourism behemoths such as Vail Resorts and Disney Parks are using their own proprietary RFID photo platforms. Snapsportz uses the same core technology, but incorporates superior cameras, infinite scalability, and the ability to place cameras in any environment imaginable.

The result is limitless photo revenue potential.



1. Professional images are a powerful tool for revenue.

Photos were once the highest grossing product within the theme park and cruise ship industry. In today’s world of where everyone has a cell phone and a Go Pros you must provide better images and content which people simply can’t capture themselves.

Whether it’s impossible vantage points taken from the highest of trees, or using top of the line DSLR cameras, Snapsportz makes those photos incredible, seamless, and instantly available to your customers, bringing photo revenue back into one of your best revenue streams.

2. Seamless viewing and fulfillment means customers buy faster and buy more.

Our easy to use viewing and fulfillment system means that photos are already packaged and awaiting your guests right after they are taken, so the decision to view and purchase is easy.

A smooth viewing and purchasing platform using our tablet kiosk app, combined with enticing dynamic up-sell package options, not only makes the consideration process effortless for your customers, but also enables more money is spent per customer. RFID technology automatically sorts photos for each patron.

And since our entire process can be hosted in the cloud or onsite, the associated costs compared traditional tourism photography products are zero.



3. Creating lasting memories. Generating massive revenue. 

Snapsportz creates the images that are an integral part of your customers' experience, and our systems yield higher sales than any other platform available, period.

Our technology is designed to maximize revenue.